Fr. Dave Heney

“I am very happy to enthusiastically endorse and recommend the broadcast communication skills of John Baillie. He is a master of the microphone.

In addition to radio, I have asked John many times to Emcee our most important and largest events during the time when I was pastor of a large parish in Thousand Oaks. He knows how to command a room and make an event move smoothly.

John is naturally gifted with a great “Radio Voice” but has also honed his presentation skills with many hours of on-air production. John is always prepared, professional, and polished in his presentations.
I have been his on-air guest for years at a local radio station, as well as frequently on internet radio. He makes any interview easy.

Recently, I asked John to write some promotional copy for an important program in our area. He wrote just the right copy for 30 second and one minute commercials that have proved very effective.

Once again, I am very happy to enthusiastically endorse John’s presentation skills in radio, Master of Ceremonies, and ad copy production.”

Maryann Ridini Spencer
Author of “Lady in the Window”

“John Baillie, with his warm, pleasant, interested demeanor makes the interview process a joyful breeze. He has such a beautiful voice and a unique, relaxed style; you feel as if you are talking to a family member or old friend.  I’m also extremely impressed with his preparation and insightful questions, which elicit thoughtful answers and powerful insights for both host and interviewee.”

Sandy Nirenberg // Executive Director of Camarillo Hospice

“John Baillie is the perfect interviewer – well prepared, thoughtful and so easy and fun to chat with.  I’ve had the opportunity to speak with John in a number of venues, and I always have felt respected, understood and engaged.  He is a “good guy,” focused on sharing “good news” with the community…and he quickly becomes your friend.”

Scott Edward // Donor Marketing and Communications Director – United Blood Services

“I have worked with John for over 12 years on a variety of marketing campaigns.  As a salesman he was direct and honest about every project and we negotiated several proposals.  John’s direct and honest approach to business allows for productive interaction and meaningful planning, which is the key to a successful campaign. As an on-air personality, he was prepared and enthusiastic in helping communicate my message to his audiences.  John brings his experience, enthusiasm and professionalism to every project.”

John H. Mayer
Member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Chairman of the advisory committee: Leisure Village Television.{LVTV}

“As well as being a first rate professional broadcast journalist, John Baillie is above all a true ‘people – person’. It is that quality that brings his interviews so much warmth, depth, and uniqueness. It’s not that he doesn’t have a point of view of his own, but he clearly has the ability to see both sides of a question and treat them both fairly. John is obviously one of the ‘good-guys’ and has gathered a loyal following because of it.”

Don Marquardt

“I wish to endorse John Baillie, a man I admire very much.  He is a popular and highly skilled radio/television personality.  He has interviewed me many times on television to promote presentations and projects I have given to large audiences.

One series of interviews with John was about the battles of the Civil War, such as Gettysburg, Cold Harbor and the surrender at Appomattox.  John was very knowledgeable and asked questions that encouraged me to bring out the history, drama and tragedy of each battle.  He also helped in promoting my presentations.

John’s personality is enjoyable; always smiling, curious and invigorating.  He is helpful, easy to work with and I appreciate the subtlety with which he guides you through an interview.

I always enjoyed working with John and highly recommend him to anyone who may have need of his talents.”

Rodger Bland // Managing Editor, GEARS Magazine

“John Baillie is the consummate professional. Whether you are looking for voice-over work, corporate interviews or a Master of Ceremony for your next event, and you need a professional, look no further than John Baillie.”

John E Lowry // Chief Seaside Highland Games

“John Baillie has proven to be the consummate professional communicator in every contact we have had.  First meeting John Baillie before we launched a major festival in Ventura, California, John was a calming force to my quavering uncertainties, assuring me and my associates that it could be done and that bringing our message to the masses via the media he represented would assure the crowds we desired.  He was correct!

Over the years as John has opened venues in radio and television, we have continued a close association and fifteen years later (and as many highly successful festivals), there has always been that special time and place for our purchased adverts or for on air interviews and discussions lead so adroitly by this master communicator, John Baillie.  I do unquestionably recommend this past master of publicity.”

Holly Nash

“Working with John is an amazing experience. As a talented interviewer, he guides the conversation and allows you to weave your own story without ever dominating that story. While at United Blood Services, I had the pleasure of being a regular guest on his radio show and his style helped to increase awareness and bring in many new blood donors.”

John Allen // Senior CNN Vatican Analyst
Owner and Editor “Crux.Com” Web Site for Catholic News

“You sound like God!”

Lisa Carey // Public Relations
Clients: California Strawberry Festival, Harvest Festivals, Harlem Globetrotters, Downtown On Ice

“Working with John is always a terrific collaboration. His positive attitude and professionalism create great results I’ve come to rely on. John pulls together all the elements with ease, confidence flexibility, and a keen understanding of what makes the biggest impact. The fact that he’s a great guy is the icing on the cake.”

Peter Godinez // Ambassador – SoCal Office Technologies, a Xerox Company

“I recently was interviewed by John Baillie in his media program entitled (FYI) where we discussed the subject of “selling” and how it is evolving into something completely different in our culture.  John exemplified such a high level of professionalism and pose in engaging me on this critical subject for people now and in the future.  John is leading the way for all of us who desire to contribute to this new way to get “life changing” information to the masses.  It is an honor to have a place in history with this very successful media portal and John, the “face and the voice” of FYI.”

Robert F. O’Connor

“I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. John Baillie shortly after he and his lovely wife moved into leisure Village. He and I started working on the communities own T.V. Station by creating programing that would inform the residents of the many events that were happening within the village as well as the larger Ventura community.

John has this tremendous ability to interview people and to get them talking about whatever is going on all while keeping his viewers interested and his guests comfortable. He was instrumental in developing several programs to assist the residents keep inform and providing them with useful information.

He did an outstanding job on live T.V. interviews and we created a monthly calendar. John and I would have meetings to create new programs and plan content for on-going programming. He has that very special touch that works so well with people both on and behind the camera.”

Steven Mora // Conejo Mountain Funeral Home Memorial Park and Crematory

“For over three years Conejo Mountain Funeral Home, Memorial Park and Crematory have been involved with Mr. John Baillie in many Radio advertisements in the Ventura County area. John’s has also emceed the Conejo Mountain Memorial Day program. This is the largest Memorial Day event in the City of Camarillo. His talent and professionalism go hand in hand. John has always been able to demonstrate outstanding dedication and service to our community.

Many Thanks, John”

Dan Scully // President
Scully Leather

“Thanks again for doing such a great job as MC for the Saint Paschal Annual Golf Tournament. You made our evening fun and helped make the flow to be on schedule to keep everyone’s attention until the very end. You have a future with auctioneering. Way to take on the challenge and run with it. Great Job.”

Debra Guill // Co Host “Calendar Diva LVTV“

“John and I co-hosted a television show in Leisure Village {LVTV} called Calendar Diva. This was a light-hearted look at the Leisure Village calendar of events for the upcoming month. Thanks to John’s easy “gift of gab” the show was well-liked and successful.”